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‘SNL’ Weekend Update welcomes Peyton Manning, who has lots to say about ‘Emily in Paris’


Peyton Manning — as in the actual former Denver Broncos quarterback — stopped by the latest Saturday Night Live to sit down with Weekend Update co-host Colin Jost and talk about a legendary pair of NFL game from the previous weekend. But Manning didn’t watch those games, it turns out. He was too busy cranking through an entire season of Netflix’s Emily in Paris.

So instead of launching into an extended look at two of the most exciting games in professional U.S. football history, Manning broke down the emotional tug-of-war that has Emily caught between her work and her love life. He’s got lots to say about her prospects with Gabriel and how Camille could get in the way, and exactly how Alfie could or should fit into that picture.

Who needs analysis of earth-shaking football showdowns from one of the biggest talents to ever occupy the quarterback position when that same mind could be put to work analyzing and breaking down the emotional roller coaster that is Emily in Paris?

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