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Stephen Colbert calls Meta’s $230 billion stock drop ‘karmic retribution’ for misinformation on Facebook


Tech overlord Meta is having a rough time of it lately. Not only has the number of daily Facebook users dropped, but Meta also lost 26 percent of its market value — the equivalent of $230 billion. It’s the biggest drop any U.S. company has ever experienced in just one day, with Late Show host Stephen Colbert noting it feels like karmic retribution for hosting all that COVID-19 misinformation.

“It was an especially rough day for Facebook CEO and robot failing to execute the smile protocol Mark Zuckerberg,” said Late Show host Stephen Colbert, noting that the stock’s drop caused Zuckerberg’s own personal wealth to fall by $31 billion.

“‘Well, a couple of hiccups [today],'” Colbert quipped, speaking as Zuckerberg. “‘I lost my umbrella, my shoelace broke, and I personally lost the GDP of Latvia. More gold shavings in your Chablis?'”

That isn’t even much of an exaggeration. According to The World Bank, the European country of 1.9 million people had a GDP of $33.7 billion in 2020.

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