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Stephen Colbert explains outercourse, wanderlove, and untyping in “Romansplaining”


Dating is a wild ride at the best of times.

And it feels like there’s a never-ending stream of new dating terms. Here to help you navigate the rapidly evolving dating realm is Stephen Colbert, our romansplainer-in-chief.

In his recurring “Romansplaining” segment, the Late Show host explains the meaning of new dating terms.

First up: outercourse. As the name suggests, this is about sex. According to Cosmopolitan, “Outercourse is a catch-all term for forms of non-penetrative sex.” Now you know!

Secondly, wanderlove, which “is essentially code for holiday romance, a tryst on the beach blossoming into a relationship.”

Then there’s untyping, which has nothing to do with unsending messages to your beloved. It actually means letting go of your type that you’d typically gravitate towards.

Judging by the state of my love life, it might be high time for a spot of untyping.

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