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Stephen Colbert points out why deliberately catching COVID-19 is a terrible idea


The Late Show host Stephen Colbert has shared a little pandemic advice, urging people not to go out and deliberately catch COVID-19. Because apparently some people think that’s a good idea.

“It seems ridiculous to purposefully catch COVID, but according to one doctor, the idea of intentionally trying to catch Omicron is ‘all the rage,'” said Colbert. “Yes, getting Omicron is super popular — I hear it’s dating Pete Davidson. He’s got that BDE: that big Delta energy.”

It should go without saying that actively trying to catch COVID-19 is a phenomenally terrible idea, one on par with bleach injections. As CNN reports, potential negative consequences include getting long COVID, stressing the healthcare system, and spreading the deadly virus to children.

We’re all well and truly sick of this pandemic. Still, that doesn’t mean getting actually sick is a smart move.

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