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The 10 Best Animal Welfare Websites to Find Helpful Resources



Taking care of your pet is one thing, but getting to know the animal kingdom and its wellbeing in general is a much bigger deal. Fortunately, there are plenty of organizations around to help you learn and even contribute.

Here are ten of the best official websites from the most reputable animal welfare groups in the US and abroad. They can introduce you to their work, knowledge, and ways to involve yourself in the protection of animals.

Animal Welfare Institute Website About Page

The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) has been active since 1951, saving animals from human cruelty and ignorance. Its site contains reports on the current situation involving different animals, from dogs and horses to sharks and elephants.

You can even learn about the legal side of animal welfare, including US legislation that supports or blocks efforts. There’s also a guide on how to communicate with legislators.

In addition to detailed guides, you’ll find various opportunities to help out, like petitions and donations. All-in-all, AWI is a go-to organization for people who care about keeping animals safe in the US.

World Organization of Animal Health Website

The World Organization of Animal Health, also known as OIE, takes the matter to a global scale. Established in 1924, it now consists of 182 member countries working together to control animal diseases.

They work towards keeping animals healthy and people safe from zoological pathogens. Their science-based information benefits vets, farmers, and other traders, as well as the general public and, of course, the animals themselves.


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The organization’s website teaches you all about these issues, while sharing news and events from every part of the world. There are lots of other resources to explore, like veterinary training and OIE books.

The Humane Society of the United States Website

The Humane Society is the next best organization that tackles animal cruelty in the US. Its global version is also worth visiting: Humane Society International.

They both care about saving animals from bad situations and giving them a better life. What their websites offer in terms of information are articles, reports, and opportunities to join their work.

So, you can read blog posts, learn about their actions and achievements, and support them with your voice and money.

Animal Equality Website Volunteer Movement

If your main concern is for farm animals, your first stop for insights should be Animal Equality’s platform. With several global offices and hundreds of investigations under its belt, there’s no better organization to learn from.

The site offers its own animal welfare articles, newsletters, and action reports. What makes it different from other sources is that it encourages personal involvement, not just financial.

For example, you can volunteer as part of Animal Equality’s online team that uses digital skills to spread awareness about farm animal welfare and push companies towards better policies.

ASPCA Pro Website Services

The ASPCA is an even older organization, taking action since 1866 to keep animals safe and happy. Its website can tell you about its history, work, and insights, while highlighting extra resources that might interest you.

If you’re looking for local animal services or ways to help out, the ASPCA can point you in the right direction.

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A more impressive feature, however, is the platform’s ASPCA Pro domain. In addition to extra information, you have access to training programs, grants, research findings, and more.

Advice and Welfare Tab on RSPCA Website

The UK’s RSPCA is not related to its US counterpart, but its goals are the same and so is its value as an animal welfare resource.

Keep it in mind as a prestigious organization, if only to learn how different countries manage their animal welfare.

Among other valuable information, the RSPCA website provides tips for pets and wildlife, such as how to treat injuries or sponsor dog kennels and cat pods, so they can care for their rescued animals.

Animal Welfare Investigations on Peta Website

Here’s a global group you probably already know about. PETA, short for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is a powerful and vocal champion of animal welfare, active since 1980.

Like Animal Equality, PETA takes the matter very seriously and conducts its own investigations before sharing its findings with the world. Its online platform is a good place to learn about PETA’s activities.

In addition to animal rights and news, you can find advice on everyday issues, from pet care to a healthy vegan lifestyle. PETA is a well-rounded source of serious and casual insights.

The Animal Rescue Site Home Page

When it comes to learning about and supporting animal welfare groups, don’t overlook smaller ones like The Animal Rescue Site. As one of GreaterGood’s many charitable fundraising schemes, it’s worth paying a visit.

This platform is simple in that it gives you all sorts of articles to read, while gathering funds through ad clicks, purchases, and donations.

The information you’ll find ranges from inspiring and funny animal stories to pet care tips and petitions you can sign. If you have tales of your own, The Animal Rescue Site welcomes your posts, too.

AFA Website Education Tools

Owners, breeders, and vets dealing with birds, especially exotic species, should keep an eye on the AFA. Its goals are to educate people on ethical aviculture and to ensure birds in the wild and captivity are safe and healthy.

You can browse the AFA’s website for tips and news on bird welfare, conservation, legislation, and more. There are even online courses on topics like the basics of aviculture and bird biology.

For extra perks, including group chats, first access to publications, and various services, you can join as a member.

The Dodo Website Features

Thanks to its videos all over social media, The Dodo is another well-known name among animal lovers. But its content and tools aren’t just about cute pets. They also offer invaluable insights into how to treat and care for animals.

The Dodo website is the place to go if you want direct access to its videos and articles. It also features different subdomains that let you ask questions about animals, learn about great products, and even find pet insurance.

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If you want to learn about animal welfare and how to spread awareness, The Dodo is the best source of sweet inspiration and unflinching support.

Discover New Ways to Learn About Animals

With so many reliable organizations and their websites around, you can find all the animal welfare answers and ideas you could possibly need. But don’t stop your research there. Do what you can, to really embrace the animal kingdom.

Technology can make the experience that much more exciting with AR, VR, and other innovations. Try out different tools to help you understand and connect with animals, whether it’s shy dogs or ferocious leopards.

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