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The 5 Best Password Manager Extensions for Firefox


Just about every website nowadays requires you to log in, and just about every website requires a different set of numbers, characters, and symbols to create a password. As a result, it’s never been more difficult to try to keep all of your login details in your head.

Even if you do, you might be risking potential hacking attempts due to your passwords being easier to remember but potentially less secure. Thankfully, Firefox extensions are here to help.

Here are five of the best password manager extensions you can use with Firefox.

A Screenshot of Bitwarden's Extension Interface

First on this list comes Bitwarden, a completely free extension that aims to help its users with all facets of their passwords. At its core, Bitwarden allows users to manage and store their passwords entirely within their own browser.

There’s no limit on the number of passwords here, and you can even secure your passwords between multiple browsers and devices.

If you need to generate new and secure passwords, then Bitwarden has you covered there as well. Using its inbuilt password generator, you’ll be able to instantly create highly secure passwords in just a few clicks.

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The options here are diverse, too, so you can choose what characters, numbers, or the length of the generated password will be as you go.


One of Bitwarden’s more unique features is “Bitwarden Send”, a system which allows you to quickly and easily transfer sensitive information, such as files, to anyone. If you find yourself needing to share your password with a family member, for instance, then this is an incredibly handy tool.

A Screenshot of LastPass's Extension Interface

Next up comes LastPass, an award-winning password manager and completely free extension for Firefox. It’s also available on just about every other major browser.

LastPass is fundamentally a password manager, and as no surprise functions as such. You can store usernames and passwords easily within LastPass, which will automatically log you in as you visit each site.

If you need to generate a password, then LastPass also features a robust password generation tool. There are a lot of customization tools here if you need them as well.

LastPass accomplishes this by having to remember only one master password, which you use to log in to LastPass. From there, the extension handles all the busy work for you.

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But LastPass isn’t just a password manager, it can do a lot more. The extension allows you to store other important and private information just as easily as a password.

Your address, credit card information, passport, and insurance cards are all available to be stored in the LastPass vault. This is ideal if you find yourself using this information frequently, and LastPass will even automatically fill forms for you if you so wish.

If you’re worried about your web security, LastPass has you covered there as well. Beyond the basic functionality that LastPass provides, it also monitors the dark web for potential security breaches and alerts you if you’re at risk.

If you find yourself frequently switching between devices, or are just sick and tired of having to remember passwords at all, then MYKI might be the best option for you on this list.

MYKI is a password manager designed with privacy at its forefront. It does about what you might expect a password manager to do.

It’s capable of storing your passwords for you and auto-completing them in your browser. If you want to generate strong and complex passwords, then MYKI can handle that with ease as well.

What separates MYKI from the competition is how it goes about doing these things. Where other password managers require you to have a master password, MYKI takes a different approach.

MYKI supports biometric authentication such as Apple’s Touch ID for iOS and macOS, as well as Android’s native biometric authentication. Windows Hello for Windows is also supported.

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This approach means that you no longer need to remember a single password. Instead, all you need to do is use your fingerprints and let MYKI handle the rest.

MYKI also allows you to fill passwords from your smartphone. Anything stored on your phone, you can approve on your computer using a simple fingerprint scan.

This applies to two-factor authentication as well. For first-time log ins and potential breaches, websites such as Google might send a text message to confirm that it’s really you signing in.

MYKI allows you to keep this security feature without having to make a sacrifice of convenience. The extension allows you to send the code straight from your phone to the browser, mitigating any hassle you might have found with the process.

A Screenshot of RoboForm's Extension Interface

Next up on the list comes RoboForm. If you’re worried that a password manager might be a little complicated to use, then RoboForm might just be a good fit for you.

RoboForm does everything you could want a password manager to do. It stores your passwords automatically, fills out forms and data for you automatically, and can even synchronize them between multiple computers and mobile devices.

If you need to generate a new password or store your credit card details, then RoboForm has you covered there as well. RoboForm does all of this quickly and easily from within its drop-down menu.

If you’ve ever used any bookmarks in your browser, then the layout should be easy to pick up. This makes RoboForm easy to use and learn.

A Screenshot of Norton's Extension Interface

Finally, Norton Password Manager makes it to this list. If you’re looking for something simple and straightforward to use, then Norton is probably a good option.

Norton Password Manager allows you to securely store your passwords in its vault. Addresses and credit cards are also supported, and all are autofilled for you as you browse.

If you need to generate a new password, Norton can help with that as well, and it can even store some less used information such as frequent flyer numbers and other password-protected notes.

Your Browser Is Only Part of the Battle

Hopefully, this list has allowed you to find the perfect Firefox extension to put your mind at ease. The concern for hackers and internet fraud are all greatly diminished when you know that your passwords are safe.

However, your browser is only one part of how you use your passwords. The risk of security breaches or other nefarious internet activity are not related purely to the internet, as unlikely as that may seem.

Thankfully, there are a wide variety of options available. One of them is bound to be right for you.

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