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The 5 Best Pomodoro Apps to Maximize Your Productivity on Linux



Have you ever found yourself lacking motivation for doing even the simplest of tasks? The Pomodoro technique is a well-known time management system you can use to get things done, within the time limit you set for yourself.

But getting a tomato-shaped timer is a task you might add to your “not today” list, which completely defeats the purpose of the technique. Lucky for you, you don’t need to rely on a physical timer to fix your time management skills, as several Pomodoro apps are available on the internet for free.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Linux Pomodoro apps anyone can use to take their productivity to the next level.

gnome pomodoro timer

At first glance, you can see the app’s interface is divided into two sections—Timer and Stats. GNOME Pomodoro keeps track of your sessions, recording every minute you spend working with the app.

The simplicity of GNOME Pomodoro is unmatchable, yet the app delivers what you expect it to. By default, the app is configured to use the 25/5 technique, but you can customize the timer settings however you wish. GNOME Pomodoro allows you to change the length of your work and rest sessions and integrates well with the GNOME Shell to deliver notifications once the timer is up.

Don’t let the name fool you, however. You can download GNOME Pomodoro on any Linux distribution you want, irrespective of the desktop environment.


To install GNOME Pomodoro on Ubuntu/Debian:

sudo apt install gnome-shell-pomodoro

On Arch Linux:

yay -S gnome-pomodoro

On Fedora, CentOS, and RHEL:

sudo dnf install gnome-pomodoro
super productivity on ubuntu

Super Productivity is not only a Pomodoro timer, it is a full-fledged productivity suite in itself. The app allows you to plan your day by adding tasks, which you can then finish using the Pomodoro technique.

Although you won’t get the fancy Pomodoro timer interface, Super Productivity is still worth a try if you’re in search of an app that combines the features of a Pomodoro timer, task planner, and a to-do list app. You can achieve the best results by incorporating various other Pomodoro productivity methods with Super Productivity.

You can install Super Productivity on Linux from the Snap Store.

snap install superproductivity

Arch users can download the app from the AUR.

yay -S superproductivity

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pomotroid on linux

Pomotroid is another minimalistic Pomodoro timer that will help you in achieving your goals while ensuring proper rest sessions in between. Like other apps on this list, the timer works on the default 25/5 technique. You can modify the settings as you prefer, however.

Pomotroid packs a host of exciting features including a simple design with 16 additional built-in themes. Rest assured, you don’t have to worry about Pomotroid not fitting in with your desktop customization. Some of its other features include always on top, auto-start timers, a notification system, and various keyboard shortcuts.

Install Pomotroid on Arch Linux from the AUR using yay:

yay -S pomotroid-bin

On other Linux distributions, download Pomotroid from the Snap Store by running:

snap install pomotroid

Note that you need to have snap installed on your desktop before issuing the aforementioned command.

pomatez on arch linux

Pomatez lets you add tasks so that you always stay on top of your goals. You can configure the app and personalize it to your limits by increasing or decreasing the work and rest session periods. The app has both light and dark modes that perfectly blend with your desktop.

Work hard and grind during the productivity sessions (each lasting a total of 25 minutes—default settings) and sit back and relax during the rest period. Pomatez is no doubt one of the best choices of apps that assist you in managing your time and boosting your output.

Pomatez is quite similar to Pomotroid in its feature set. You can enable and disable desktop notifications, toggle voice assistance, and pin the app on top. Pomatez even has a strict mode that you can use to limit distractions and focus more on the task at hand.

If you’re on Arch Linux, install Pomatez from the AUR using:

yay -S pomatez

Install Pomatez on other distributions using snap as follows:

snap install pomatez

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tomatoshell pomodoro timer

Not a fan of the graphical desktop interface? Don’t worry, tomatoshell brings the features of a Pomodoro timer straight to the terminal, with an attractive user interface. Thanks to tomatoshell’s appealing interface, you won’t even realize you’re using a terminal-based utility.

You can customize the break notification sounds by specifying the audio file while invoking the script. A more detailed guide can be found on the tomatoshell GitHub page.

The best part about tomatoshell is you don’t even need to install it on your system. Simply run the script and you’re good to go. To do so, first, clone the tomatoshell GitHub repository using git as follows:

git clone

Then, navigate to the newly-created directory using the cd command:

cd tomatoshell/

Finally, run the script using:


If you want a better interface, execute the script with the -f flag. The -f stands for FIGlet and will display the timer as ASCII art. Note that you need to have FIGlet installed on your system to do so.

./tomatoshell -f

Getting Things Done With Pomodoro on Linux

When you’re on a fun operating system like Linux—where anything can happen anytime—it’s easy to get distracted and completely forget the task at hand. To regain control and manage your time like a pro, having a Pomodoro timer is a must. All the apps mentioned above will help you stay productive and make the most out of your time.

Although the Pomodoro technique has become prevalent nowadays, its history dates back to the 1980s. Learn more about the technique, its origins, and how it works.

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