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The 7 Best AI-Powered Online Color Palette Generators


For professional and high-value design projects, you need to think up a color palette that speaks for the brand and the product. Your color combination must also make an impression on the user so that they prefer your websites, apps, and products over others.

However, creating impactful and unique color combinations has become tricky due to millions of brands out there. AI comes at your rescue. Read on to know about the reliable and popular AI-based color palette makers.

You may already know the utilization of AI technology in the form of neural style transfer or coloring a black and white photograph. But Brandmark took it to the next level by developing a color palette creator based on AI and machine learning.

AI Color Wheel console

Its art board is truly easy-to-use since there aren’t many buttons and options you need to adjust. You only need to optimize the Hue, Vibrance, and Invert Color settings.

AI Color Wheel probable designs

You may upload your wireframes, logos, illustrations, and vector graphics to the tool. It’s best to upload the grayscale images to get better color palette suggestions. AI Color Wheel has eight themes of popular designs for neural style and color scheme transfer.

AI Color Wheel color palette

Swap between the themes like classic animation, vintage posters, oil paintings, and so on to discover thousands of color scheme examples. Click on any design to know the color codes.

Colormind uses AI to automate the color palette selection phase of any design project, letting you focus on designing the graphics or UI.

Colormind color palette example

The tool developers tried various AI/ML technologies like long short-term memory (LSTM) and generative adversarial network (GAN) to automate the color scheme generation process that can help you speed up your design projects.

At present, the tool relies on various deep learning technologies, Dribbble palettes, and Adobe Color data to generate creative and impactful color choices. Colormind updates itself every single day by learning from popular artworks, photographs, and movies.

Colormind color palette extraction

You can lock one or multiple colors if you have a specific starting or ending color in mind. You may also try other color-locking combinations as well. The tool also lets you extract color palettes from an image.

Huemint is another trending tool for generating color choices for graphic content, app UIs, website wireframes, and branding. It doesn’t simply suggest a few color combinations for your project. Instead, it also shows you how to place the colors in different design elements in the end product.

Huemint color palette generator

Its AI/ML algorithm discovers color combinations based on the design context. Thus, you can instantly apply the colors in your wireframes or vector images without wasting time on the trial and error approach.

Its color palette creation interface is quite elaborate. You can choose the design context between brand objects, websites, gradients, illustrations, and so on. Moreover, you may upload your own designs for color scheme suggestions.

ColorMatcher from enables you to create up to one million color palettes for design project inspiration. It employs AI technology to generate numerous unique color combinations.

ColorMatcher color palette example

You can customize the AI-generated color scheme list by tweaking the color filter option. By default, the filter shows popular color choices. However, you can upload an image so that the machine learning program can show you unique combinations related to the image.

At present, ColorMatcher generates a four-color scheme. In addition to a color palette, the tool also suggests color schemes for other design elements like texts, background, color wheel, contrast, and gradient.

AI Color Generator from Hotpot is a user-friendly tool when you need color combination inspiration for free. It’s also a no-sign-up tool, making it convenient for those who don’t want to share personal information.

AI Color Generator color palette ideas

It offers three different modes of discovering unique color palettes. You can simply use the Go button for AI-generated color schemes and choose one. Alternatively, you can optimize the AI by selecting a starting color from the Edit color option.

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If you don’t know which color to select, click the Random button to randomize the starting color. Besides some color palette ideas, AI Color Generator also generates matching gradient, text foreground, text background, tint, and shade.

If you’re into color schemes, it’s worthy to try out the Eva Design System color generator tool. It employs a deep learning approach to train its AI so that it can offer naturally unique color combinations.

Eva Design System color generator UI

It asks you to select a primary color which could be your brand’s color or any other color that you want as the starting point. Its Semantic Colors section generates color schemes based on the Brand Color section. You need to click the refresh cycle icon to discover more color palettes.

You may also lock a color of the Semantic Colors panel for further customizations. An interesting feature of this tool is it shows you emotions that match the color blocks.

Khroma takes AI-based color generation to the next level by personalizing the experience. Its AI tool understands your choice of colors by working with a neural network of multiple algorithms.

Khroma training the AI

An important feature of this tool is it lets you block the colors you don’t like and shows you unique color palettes depending on the colors you prefer. For better AI optimization, the tool asks you to pick 50 colors of your choice.

Khroma color palette ideas

Khroma stores AI personalization data on your computer. Thus, if you’re data privacy-conscious, it’s the right tool for you. You might be thinking, since the customization data stays in the local device, then you’re limited to one computer for color palette research.

Not to worry, since you can transfer the personalization data to another computer via USB stick and then upload the data to Khroma to restore previous settings.

Don’t Try; Make It Happen With AI

Now that you know which are the popular color palette creators that utilize AI, machine learning, and deep learning, you can get started to create some amazing designs that boast of thoughtfully chosen colors.

These AI tools reduce your efforts in researching for colors using color wheels. Hence, you can put your time into core design works like logos and social media posts.

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