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The 9 Best Browser Extensions for Social Media


To use social media, you don’t have to access the websites from your phone or computer anymore. With various browser extensions, you can easily use different features of these sites. Moreover, some extensions also improve your experience of using social sites.

Check out this list of social media extensions you can add to your browser and get the most of your favorite social platform.

INSIST is a Chrome extension that enables you with features like posting photos, stories, videos, and reels on Instagram from your web browser. You can also use it to send direct messages, manage hashtags, and schedule posts which will get automatically posted even if you’re offline at that time.

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It offers multi-account support, meaning you can use it for multiple Instagram accounts from one browser. Dark mode, hashtag ladder builder, auto-posting Carousels are some of its other notable features. All in all, this ad-free extension is safe to use as it doesn’t save your Instagram data.

A view from the Buffer extension on Chrome

If you want to share great content on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram profile while browsing the internet, Buffer is the perfect extension for you. Once you start using this extension, you can create and schedule posts through the Buffer app too.

This add-on also has a Share image button that enables quick and effortless sharing of images from the web to your social accounts. The content you post or share gets synced immediately, and you can view it from your computer or mobile in real-time.


Download: Buffer: Social Media Tools for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

A visual of Save to Facebook extension for Chrome

Has it ever happened to you that you came across a funny video on Facebook but couldn’t watch it because something urgent came up? Using the Save to Facebook extension for Chrome, you can make sure this never happens to you again.

With this add-on, you can save any item to Facebook and organize it in an existing or new collection. When you save something in your private list with it, only you can access the list. However, you may choose to share the saved items on your Facebook timeline or a group.

The extension also supports sharing multiple saved items with friends with Shared Collections feature. Moreover, you can readily access the saved items no matter which website you’re browsing.

A visual from YouTube High Definition add-on for Firefox

Playing YouTube videos can be annoying if you have to customize the resolution, volume, and player size repetitively. YouTube High Definition is an add-on that can fix such issues.

Using it, you can ensure that YouTube automatically plays all its videos in the highest available quality. Alternatively, you can choose your preferred resolution ranging from 144p to 4k. Apart from these, you can use it to set one volume level for all YouTube videos.

This extension will ensure the best sound quality on YouTube and play embedded videos on external sites in HD quality. It also has features like changing video player size and managing volume auto-mute and video auto-stop.

A view of the Flash Video Player for Facebook for Firefox

Flash Video Player for Facebook is an add-on using which you can make Flash Player your default video player on Facebook. Once you activate this setting, all Facebook videos will utilize Adobe Flash Player for content playback.

Compared to HTML5, Flash Player has more options for high-resolution video, which ensures better video quality. If needed, you can also select HTLM5 as the default video player using the add-on settings. This extension also supports multi-process Firefox, also known as Electrolysis.

Using the Facebook Container extension, you can keep using your favorite social platform while prohibiting it from tracking your online behavior using third-party cookies. It isolates your Facebook activity in a container and keeps the non-Facebook websites and links outside it.

Remember that you can’t use Like buttons and embedded Facebook comments in tabs outside the Facebook Container. When you click on the share buttons in other browser tabs, it’ll get loaded in the Facebook Container, and Facebook will know the original website from which you shared the content.

A view of Video Speed Controller in Firefox

While many video players hide or limit the feature of playback acceleration, you can fix this issue with this video speed controller add-on. With this extension, you can easily optimize the playback speed of any HTML5 video and rewind the video to see the last few seconds once again.

After installing Video Speed Controller, you’ll notice a speed indicator in the top-left corner of an HTML5 video player for accelerating or decelerating the speed. Furthermore, it lets you control the playback options using hotkeys. You can also use the add-on to remember playback speed for the future and change the increment value.

An image of Edge Pinterest Save Button add-on

If you like Pinterest, you’ll love the Edge extension named Pinterest Save Button. Using this nifty add-on, you can save anything you found on the internet and revisit it later through Pinterest.

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Whether it’s a breakfast recipe, home decor idea, fashion inspiration, or workout video, click on this extension to save it for later. It also comes with a visual discovery feature. To use it, hover over any photo you like and click on the visual search tool. Thus, you can discover other visually identical ideas on Pinterest.

A view of the Link for Tinder Edge add-on

Link for Tinder is an extension for Microsoft Edge that allows you to access Tinder from your computer without needing your smartphone. Of course, you can use it to swipe on other people’s profiles with a Like, Super Like, or Nope, just as you would on the phone. But more importantly, you can chat with your Tinder friends and make plans for the evening.

The add-on uses fewer hardware resources and barely consumes internet data, which is ideal for areas with low internet speed. You can modify its configuration by heading over to the Options section.

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, and it’s hard to think of a day without it. Opening the platforms time and time again from a computer or smartphone can be distracting.

You can use the aforementioned social media extensions and keep yourself focused on what you’re browsing. Besides these add-ons, you may also use different tools to manage your social accounts effortlessly.

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The 10 Best Free Apps for Managing Your Social Accounts

If you’re looking to grow a social media following, managing your accounts will help free up time while continuing to deliver high-quality content.

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