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The Best Scope of Work Templates You Can Download for Free


Are you a freelancer or employee? If yes, then the scope of work is a crucial part of your work. Whether you’re new to the freelancing business or taking up a project for the first time, the scope of work templates will come in handy.

Also, these templates save your time and effort in creating the scope of work document from scratch, especially while you’re working on multiple projects simultaneously.

What Is Scope of Work in Project Management?

Before moving any further, you should understand the concept of the scope of work in project management. The scope of work refers to the detailed agreement and list of services that you’re supposed to deliver to a client. It is a crucial onboarding document as it drafts all the project specifics.

This document outlines the objective of the project. It also clearly states what you will not cover during the project. It mentions project scope, life cycle, timeline, milestone, deadline, revision conditions, size, payment method, payment terms, and many more important aspects.

Both the client and the freelancer need to sign this scope of work document before commencing the project. Any ambiguity in this document can be misleading, so it should be thorough and easily understandable. It also establishes the accountability of freelancers and clients regarding the project.

The 12 Best Free Scope of Work Templates for Any Project

You can save time by using the scope of work templates for general projects that everyone is working on. Everything will be in its place.


All you need to do is make a few personalizations and edits, and you’re good to go. Here are some trending templates that you can download for free:

1. Basic Template

This is a plain and simple scope of work template anyone can use for their project tasks. You can easily add the required information in this template and make it your customized scope of work document.

The commonly used data fields are already added here, including project overview, task list, out of scope, deliverables, expected outcomes, payment terms, and so on. At the bottom, both parties can include names, dates, and signatures to make it a valid document.

Download: Basic template for Word/Docs

2. Webpage Design

Someone working on website designing

This template is rather a descriptive one that web designers should use. Some projects might need you to have a detailed scope of work, and the template will be perfect for such situations.

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It contains separate sections for overview and objectives, project scope, task list, schedules and milestones, adoption plan, and payment conditions. If you don’t need any segment, you can remove that.

Download: Webpage design template for PDF

3. Work and Revision

The template is ideal for any project that involves revision, as it has a dedicated chart for revisions. It also has a table where you can include the names of the stakeholders and their respective responsibilities.

It also contains separate sections for purpose, objectives, out-of-scope activities, deliverables, cost, estimation, deadline and milestones, assumptions, the impact of late delivery, etc.

Download: Work and revision template for Word/Docs

Illustration of social media

Social media marketing and management have become a booming industry of the present time. If you are into this profession, you’ll find this template beneficial. On the top, it lets you include basic info like client name, date, project name, etc.

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In the section Project Description, you can describe the project scope in detail. It also has a nicely formatted table where you can list your tasks, budget, time, and target audience.

Download: Social media marketing template for Word/Docs

5. Government Project

The scope of work for any government assignment should cover every aspect of the project. This template will empower you to make a custom scope of work for any government project.

Each of its fields comes with brief instructions. Hence, you don’t have to wonder what to write in these sections.

Download: Government project template for Word/Docs

6. Graphic Designing

An image of a workstation with laptop

As a graphic designer, your scope of work should be attractive and colorful. Use this creative template that lets you include all the necessary information while looking vibrant at the same time.

Besides having separate sections for project overview, project scope, and project tasks, it allows you to discuss the deliverables. You can list the information names, dates, and projects in the top left corner.

Download: Graphic designing template for Word/Docs

7. Landscaping Project

This template is a comparatively concise one that lets you mention the only points that matter. You can briefly add the scope in the top section, and mention the primary and subtasks in two different columns.

You can create one scope of work document with this checklist pattern template, and use it for all your projects. All you need to do is check the individual tasks for each separate project.

Download: Landscaping project template for Word/Docs

8. Construction Work

People working on construction projects

Construction work involves an array of tasks and subtasks. Using this template, you can easily list all the tasks, including the designated time for each task.

This template uses contrasting colors, so you can readily distinguish the tasks. If necessary, you can also add additional columns for any other important component.

Download: Construction work template for Word/Docs

9. Renovation for Interior and Exterior

Are you a general contractor who often undertakes projects for interior and exterior renovations? If yes, this template will be highly beneficial for you. It mentions the renovation tasks for each section of the house.

Of course, you can add or remove tasks according to your project requirements.

Download: Renovation for interior and exterior template for Word/Docs

10. Repair

Image of tools for repair work

While getting involved in a repairing project, you can use this template for the scope of work. After adding the job location, you can include all the repairing jobs you’ll do. If you’re not working on any broad sections like plumbing and roofing, you can uncheck these.

Download: Repair template for Word/Docs

11. Architecture

This template contains a table where you can add project-related information in a structured manner. It lets you document detailed information about the client. Also, it has dedicated fields for including project description, architect selection process, approval requirements, additional conditions, and project timeline.

Download: Architecture template for Word/Docs

12. Minimalist Template

A blank notebook with pens

Let’s wrap up the list with a minimalist template. You can use it for any kind of project. Here, freelancers can add background, purpose, bidding and selection process, place, project life cycle, deliverables, and many more. You can seamlessly add and remove fields in this document template.

Download: Minimalist template for Word/Docs

Free Templates for Your Convenience

A freelancer has many more productive things to do than creating a unique scope of work document for every project they do.

They can download these free templates and make the necessary changes before sending them to the client. Besides using the scope of work templates, freelancers can also benefit from uncommon productivity tips.

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