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The Egloo is a unique way to add localized heat, moisture, and aroma to your home


Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

TL;DR: As of Feb. 4, a 2-pack of the Egloo All-in-1 Oil Diffuser, Humidifier & Space Heater is on sale for $159.95 instead of $180 — that’s a discount of 11%.

This winter has been a doozy so far, and we still have months to go. If your home could use a little extra coziness, a two-pack of these unique, candle-driven diffusers is on sale. Add some localized heat, moisture, and aroma to the air with this discounted deal.

The Egloo All-in-One Diffuser, Humidifier, and Heater combines five innovative, reimagined elements to provide you a cute and cozy way to scent, humidify, and heat your home. 

The unique design includes a base, steel plate, grill, and two terracotta nested domes. You simply position the wooden wicks, wax, water, and essential oils in the plate on the base, light the wicks like you would any other candle, then mount the grill and domes. The heat-retaining properties of the terracotta, along with the high-quality, smoke-free candles are designed to provide you with clean-burning, energy-saving, localized heat.

In about five minutes, you’ll start feeling the heat radiating from it. As the water in the base heats up, it also adds moisture to the air while releasing the pleasant aroma of whatever essential oil you added. When it comes time to shut it off, there are no buttons or switches. Instead, simply blow into the hole on top and the candles will go out.

See how it works:

Each candle is built to last about five hours, so you can enjoy long-lasting localized heat, scent, and humidity. It could be great for your home office, living room, bedroom, or anywhere else that could use a little more coziness. Obviously this 7 x 7-inch device isn’t going to heat your whole home, but it is designed to warm up a small space — in more ways than one.

Get a two-pack of these Italian-built, three-in-one devices, including two candle refills and two essential oils, on sale for just $159.95 (regularly $180). That’s about 11% in savings.

Prices subject to change.

Credit: Egloo

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