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The Essential Blender 3.0 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet


If you use Blender for your 2D/3D content creation, you need to use these keyboard shortcuts to ensure you’re working efficiently.

The Blender logo and some keyboard caps.

In 2000, Blender 2.0 launched. Two decades later, Blender 3.0 arrived, marking a new chapter in the era of open-source 2D and 3D content creation. Whether you’re a hobbyist or professional, Blender has plenty of applications.

In Blender 3.0, efficiency is key, which is why you need to use its keyboard shortcuts to benefit from a streamlined workflow. Don’t let complicated menus get in the way of your creativity.

As such, we’ve gathered all the most commonly used Blender 3.0 shortcuts and compiled them into this handy Blender cheat sheet. Are you ready to rock?

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Blender 3.0 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Shortcut Action
Menu Call-Up
N Object properties sidebar
T Toggle toolbar
Q Quick Favorites menu
F3 Function search
Ctrl + Tab Mode Pie menu
~ Viewport Pie menu
. Pivot Point Pie menu
, Axis Orientation Pie menu
Shift + S Snap Pie menu
Home Show all objects
H Hide object
Alt + H Unhide all objects
Shift + H Hide all unselected objects
Alt + Z Toggle X-ray
Z Viewport Shading Options Pie menu
/ Isolate selected object
Numpad 0 Camera view
Numpad 1 Front view
Numpad 2 Downward-facing view
Numpad 3 Side view
Numpad 4 Leftward-facing view
Numpad 6 Rightward-facing view
Numpad 7 Top-down view
Numpad 8 Upward-facing view
Numpad 9 Opposite of current view
Numpad 5 Toggle perspective/orthographic view
Viewport Navigation
Middle click + drag Orbit view
Shift + Middle click + drag Pan view
Scroll wheel; Ctrl + Middle click + drag Zoom view
Shift + ~ + move mouse; Click in Viewport to deactivate Free pan by cursor
Object Mode
Tab Toggle between Object mode and Edit mode
Shift + A Add new object
Shift + Tab Toggle snapping
Ctrl + A Apply transformations
Alt + G Clear position
Alt + R Clear rotation
Alt + R Clear scale
Ctrl + J Join selected objects
Ctrl + 1, 2, 3, 4, etc Add subdivision set
Shift + C Reset 3D cursor to center
Object Manipulation
G Move object or geometry
S Scale object or geometry
R Rotate object or geometry
RR Rotate with trackball
G, S, or R + X, Y, or Z Action along axis
G, S, or R + XX, YY, or ZZ Action along local axis
Hold Shift while transforming Fine tune control
Hold Ctrl while transforming Adjust value by increment
Shift + D Duplicate object
Alt + D Duplicate linked objects
M Add active object to new collection
Edit Mode
1 Vertex mode
2 Edge mode
3 Face mode
P Create separate object out of selection
M Merge selection
GG Vertex and edge slide
E Extrude geometry
F Fill face
Ctrl + R Loop cut
Scroll wheel after Ctrl + R; Move mouse to choose orientation Add loop cut divisions
Left click Lock in loop cut
I Add inset faces to selection
Ctrl + B Add bevel to selection
Ctrl + Shift + B Add vertex bevel to selection
K Knife
Enter Lock in knife
Shift + W Bend
Y Split geometry
V Rip geometry
Alt + V Fill rip
Ctrl + L Select connected geometry
Alt + Left click Select edge loop
O Toggle proportional editing
Shift + O Toggle through proportional editing falloff profiles
Shift + N Recalculate normals
Ctrl + Shift + N Invert normals
Esc Cancel transform in progress
Sculpt Mode
Shift + Spacebar Select brush hotkey
E Select stroke protocol
F Brush size
Shift + F Brush strength
Ctrl + F Brush angle
Shift + Left click Toggle brush positive or negative
UVs and UV Unwrapping
Ctrl + E Mark seam
U Unwrap mesh
UV Editor
Ctrl + L; L to select object under cursor Select island
P Pin
Alt + P Unpin
Shift + P Select pinned
V Stitch
Shift + W Weld
Shift + A Create new node
Ctrl + Right click + Drag Sever connection
F Connect selected
M Mute selected
Ctrl + G Group selected
Ctrl + Alt + G Ungroup selected


How to Use Blender 3.0 Like a Pro

With any luck, these Blender shortcuts will have your fingers absolutely clobbering your keyboard. Let the creativity fly, uninterrupted.

Plenty has changed within Blender 3.0 compared to its previous iteration. It renders quicker, has improved shadows, an optimized UI, and much more. Hopefully these shortcuts will let you explore all of Blender 3.0’s features with ease.

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