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The Podcastle iOS App Is Here, and It Does Not Disappoint


The company behind Podcastle, one of the best applications for podcast recording already, has officially launched its first Podcastle mobile app for iOS. Everything that we already love about podcasting with Podcastle now comes in a much more convenient mobile form.

Podcastle on any platform is perfect for content creators of every possible category—bloggers, influencers, creative marketers, and even podcast artists in education. Those who already love Podcastle are definitely going to want to check this one out.

Our own personal podcast studio, right in our back pocket? Where can we sign up?

What Is Podcastle?

Podcastle is a podcasting app that lets you record high-quality remote interviews alongside your own recorded audio. This Golden Kitty Awards nominee allows podcasters everywhere to record, edit, and publish their podcasts through its intuitive and easy-to-learn podcasting platform.

Podcastle was designed for podcasting, but the brand encourages its user base to get creative with what it has to offer. Audiobook recordings, narrative overlays, and creative educational content can all be recorded and outfitted for your audience using this acclaimed podcast software.

Prior to this extremely exciting new development, podcast hosts utilizing Podcastle did their work in the web app exclusively. Now, they’ve got another portal to exploit: the Podcastle iOS app.


Right now, you can snag the new Podcastle app and use it free of charge for an entire year through this exclusive affiliate offer. Here’s what you’ll find under the hood when you download the app and use it for the first time.

Download: Podcastle for iOS

Take Your Show on the Road With the Podcastle iOS App

We love the Podcastle app because it truly represents the entire podcasting pipeline up until post, complete with a full-on, in-app calendar that you can use to keep important guests and recording appointments accounted for.

The Podcastle iOS app requires no equipment, not even an external microphone. Instead, high-quality podcast recording is initiated through a single tap. This entire system makes working remotely with your guests and cohorts beyond simple and extremely convenient.

This app isn’t just a glorified voice recorder, either; you’ll find an entire project management system alive and well here.

Organizing projects, reviewing your work, and sharing your take with the world are all standard offerings. What else can the Podcastle iOS app do?

Industry-Caliber Audio Quality

Podcastle records locally uncompressed 48kHz WAV audio natively. You can listen to a side-by-side comparison of a Podcastle recording and your average iPhone or laptop microphone quality on its site.

You’ll break ground with a solid recording, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enhance each track through the Podcastle UI. Smart noise removal, for example, can be used for any errant background noise or tone marring your session.

Convenient Collaboration Considerations

The Podcastle pipeline has been optimized for ease of use for all parties involved—both your podcast guests and you, too. Every participant records to their own separate audio track, making editing the show a breeze when all is said and done.

This robust interface allows you and your guests to listen in real-time as you record the episode. It’s a studio-esque experience, and all each member of your team will need is either an iPhone or access to the web platform.

A Cloud Storage System You Can Trust

As mentioned previously, Podcastle is based in the cloud, precluding the need to back up and store your files locally. Each session is saved automatically; technical hiccups will never steal the show, rendering the likelihood of an annoying re-recording session all but null.

If you’ve got an internet connection, you’re free to access anything that you have saved to Podcastle’s secure servers. This cross-functional system keeps all of your assets safe in the cloud, no transfer required.

How to Use Podcastle

Once you’ve got all of your audio assets in order, you’re ready to move on to the wonderful world of post-production.

The Podcastle iOS app is your hub for acquiring podcast recordings. The Podcastle web app, however, is where you’ll find the brand’s infamous suite of browser-based podcast-editing tools.

How to Edit a Podcast With the Podcastle Web App

Editing a podcast in Podcastle.

Editing your podcast in Podcastle is really easy; it’s a system totally free of unnecessarily complicated editing tools without cutting any corners when it comes to the baseline essentials that’ll be found in any audio-editing program worth its salt.

You’re given a pair of scissors and a couple of trimming handles bracketing every clip in your timeline. Axing utterances and other non-essentials becomes a methodical and therapeutic process, one that we find ourselves hunkering down into every single time.

Other simple tools like fades, speed ramps, other transitions can help you fill in the gaps between edit points throughout each piece. Compression tools and settings allow you to even out tracks of wildly-differing audio levels, resulting in a uniform and professional-sounding final product. It’s a straightforward workflow that podcasters of any skill level will be able to master in no time.

How to Optimize an Audio Recording With the Podcastle Web App

Even if you’re not exactly an equalization expert, Podcastle offers you different ways of softening popping P’s and hissing S’s, preventing your viewership from being jarred out of the experience that you’re working to create.

Adaptive AI technology and automation make all of this possible without any sort of formal education on sweetening an audio recording. Voice enhancement and speaker isolation bring your spiel to the forefront, eliminating distraction and other minor mistakes.

The most important feature you’ll find with Podcastle in this regard: its proprietary Magic Dust audio processing algorithm, an audio filter that instantly elevates even a lackluster recording into something that sounds larger than life.

And, of course, we cannot forget about the extensive library of royalty-free music, sound effects, and other aural elements that you’ll find here on the back-end. If you’re just as sick of the same stock sound effects and generic, YouTube community-approved jingles as we are, the Podcastle SFX collection will feel like a breath of fresh air.

Podcastle Text-to-Speech

Podcastle transcription features.

Finally, we have to mention one of the best premium features that Podcastle has to offer: audio editing by way of text. Yes, you read that correctly: you can actually edit any recording through a transcription.

Podcastle can automatically convert any audio recording to text in minutes, and it’s one of the most on-point AI transcription services that we’ve ever had the privilege of using. It’s fast, accurate, and provides a valuable glimpse into not only what was said throughout the recording, but also into things like the SEO value of what you’re publishing, as well, among other things.

The real draw here has got to be the fact that you can edit a podcast recording directly through the transcribed version alone, all without messing around with tracks and trimming in the first place. If you’re more of an influencer than an audio engineer, this feature alone makes the entire Podcastle family of products a must-try.

The system also functions in reverse, funnily enough—-you can use one of several Podcastle stock voices to bring any scripted sequence to life. These bots go far beyond your average fare in this domain. An ultra-realistic AI portrayal of any body of text takes no time to create through this app.

The Podcastle iOS Is a Game-Changer for Amateur Podcasters and Professionals Alike

As ordinary folk much like yourself, we found the Podcastle experience to be a memorable one. This versatile podcast software makes putting something refined and fun to listen to together a breeze.

Podcastle really does tick all the boxes for us—outstanding quality, impeccable file security, and an arsenal of audio tools that we were able to pick up effortlessly before the end of our first session. The free version of Podcastle comes packed with all the bells and whistles. For the absolute extent of what this brand has to offer, however, we can definitely recommend making the upgrade.

One free year of Podcastle mobile is only the beginning. Download the iOS app today to hear the Podcastle difference for yourself.

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