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The Top 8 Tips to Protect Your Laptop While Traveling


Most people own a laptop primarily because of its portability. Simply pop your machine into your bag and take it with you to school, your workplace, or on a business trip.

However, a laptop’s portability is also a downside as it gives more of a chance of getting seriously damaged, lost, or even stolen. Therefore, it’s best to take the proper precautions when you’re traveling to make sure your laptop stays safe and sound.

Here, we’ll discuss some of the best tips to help you minimize the chances of anything terrible happening to your laptop.

1. Use an Anti-Theft Bag

No matter where you go in the world, thieves will likely be a problem. Whether you’re visiting a cafe around the block or going to the airport, it’s vital to pay extra attention to your laptop’s safety.

One of the best ways to protect your laptop from theft is to invest in a high-quality anti-theft laptop bag or backpack. Buying an ordinary bag just won’t do when it comes to safeguarding your portable computing machine.

A laptop backpack or bag is specifically designed to provide protection and will often come with a range of security features. Some features to look out for are an anti-theft lock, secret pockets, cut-proof material, and locking cables.


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Anti-theft laptop bags come at a price that’s usually higher than your average bag. However, it’s a lot cheaper to buy a decent bag than replacing a stolen laptop.

2. Keep It in the Laptop Compartment

Person putting laptop in brown leather bag

The laptop compartment is there for a reason—to protect your laptop; So, use it! Unlike other ordinary bags, a laptop bag or backpack will have a specific compartment with extra cushioning and padding. This added protection is there to prevent damage from unexpected bumps and bangs.

When you purchase a bag, always check the laptop compartment first. Ensure there’s adequate padding on the top, bottom, and sides. Also, remember to measure the size before purchasing it so that you know it’ll be the correct fit.

3. Get a Laptop Sleeve

Traveling with your laptop can be harmful and expose it to random beatings. Laptops are expensive devices, so you’ll need extra protection to avoid damaging them.

You’ve already sorted out your anti-theft backpack with a laptop compartment, but now you’ll need a laptop sleeve for an extra bit of insurance. Your laptop sleeve should come with ample padding in it to avoid scratches and shield the screen from damage.

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Before you travel anywhere, take care to place your laptop sleeve snuggling inside the laptop compartment of your bag.

4. Use a Laptop Skin

Laptop with personalized skin placed on bed next to smartphone

A laptop sleeve will guard your laptop against damage while it’s inside your bag. However, a laptop skin is there to protect your device while you’re using it.

Usually made from thin vinyl or rubber, a laptop skin can protect your laptop from dangers such as water damage, scratches, dust, dirt, and humidity.

Besides protecting your laptop from a range of minor damages, skins are an inexpensive way to express your personality. You can choose from various customized designs and textures to give your laptop a more personalized feel.

5. Keep Your Backpack Organized

Organize the items in your backpack to avoid any unnecessary scratches or marks on your laptop. Things like USB cables, chargers, and adapters need to be in a separate compartment at all times.

Another thing to be careful of is food and beverages. Make sure these are completely separate from your laptop. Avoid putting something like your water bottle or leftovers inside your backpack, and instead, carry it in your hand or side pouch.

Even if the backpack is tightly sealed, a spill could severely damage your laptop. So, think twice, and keep food and beverages far, far away.

6. Shut Down Your Laptop and Close It Completely

Close-up of power button on black laptop

Never keep your laptop running when you’re not using it, especially if you’re going to store it in your laptop bag. By simply closing it, your laptop could overheat, and this can cause damage to the internal components. Once you’re done using your laptop, save your work, shut it down completely, and safely place it in your bag before you travel anywhere.

A total shutdown is only necessary if you don’t plan on using your laptop again for a long time. Otherwise, you can switch it to sleep or hibernate mode if you’ll be using it again soon.

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Besides shutting down your laptop, you also need to make sure you close it properly before putting it away. If you’re using a convertible or hybrid laptop, the screen must be in the correct position, facing the keyboard. If not, the screen could end up badly damaged.

The weather can be unreliable at times. If you’re uncertain whether it will rain or not, and you need to travel somewhere with your laptop, you need to have the proper protection.

To avoid ending up with a wet laptop that likely won’t work ever again, there are a few steps you can take on a rainy day. Your best bet is to store your laptop in a waterproof laptop bag or backpack for protection from any water damage.

If your backpack is not waterproof, a rain cover is an inexpensive item you can invest in and keep in your bag for weather emergencies. Alternatively, you can simply check the weather beforehand and bring an umbrella with you.

8. Handle Your Backpack With Care

brown leather laptop bag on floor with laptop inside

You’ve got all the necessary items to keep your laptop safe and sound, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t handle your backpack carefully. Always be extra careful to look after your computer, because it’s not cheap!

Never throw your bag to the floor or let it drop from a height. It’s not a good feeling when you put your bag down and the first thing you hear is the corner of your laptop hitting the floor.

Avoid stacking heavy objects on top of your laptop bag, such as books, tablets, or other luggage. Also, if you’ve placed it at your feet, be sure to position it so that you won’t accidentally kick or step on it.

Traveling Can Expose Your Laptop to Countless Risks

As one of the most important devices you possess, you should do everything you can to protect your laptop at all times. This is especially critical when you’re moving from place to place.

Avoid the devastation of opening your backpack and discovering that your laptop’s screen is shattered, or worse, it’s covered in your strawberry smoothie.

Your laptop is a fragile device that can be easily damaged. So, don’t forget to utilize these handy tips whenever you step out of your house with your laptop.

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