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Thousands are watching a livestream of planes landing during Storm Eunice


Storm Eunice is making its way through the UK today, and a YouTube channel has launched some timely coverage: a livestream of pilots landing at London’s Heathrow Airport amid strong winds. May go without saying, but if you have a fear of flying, stay clear of this.

The livestream, by BigJetTV, had over 200,000 tuning in at the time of writing, if not for the footage but for some enthusiastic commentary. The host, Jerry Dyer, is heard shouting over the wind, with phrases including “Well done, Sir or Madam!” and the now meme-worthy “Go on, then!” as one plane successfully landed.

Storm Eunice has seen the rare “danger to life” red weather warning being issued in Wales, southeast and east England. Wind speeds have reached a record 122 mph, people have been urged to stay inside, and travel has been severely affected. This comes two days after Storm Dudley caused massive disruption across the country.

Multiple planes have been forced to abort landings at Heathrow or have found it difficult to land. Sky News reported that a flight arriving from Athens nearly made contact with the runway but had to take off again and circle. Some flights have been canceled altogether.

BigJetTV’s footage has garnered attention not only on YouTube (where a live chat is also proving to be entertaining), but Twitter, where bits of the livestream are going viral. Dyer has come to be known for his ~ passionate ~, free-reign commentary, which has drawn in millions of views in the past.

All we can say (besides please stay safe!) is….go on, then?

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