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Thriving in the Attention Economy with DDIMario



An All-Purpose Tool that is built with *your* interest in mind — whether you are a writer or a reader!

Since we started DDI, we have worked with thousands of writers, many of which are experts in their own fields, founders and thought leaders of all types of projects and initiatives, or people who love sharing their thoughts with the world.

Believe it or not, many of these articles are beautifully written with great insights, but didn’t get any attention they deserved — there was no comment, not circulated to the larger audience on any platform, not noticed at all.

And then we got article submissions (to our main site) that taught people how to gain views or earn money on popular writing platforms. Some people like to talk about these topics and we respect that. But these obviously aren’t the key ‘tricks’ that writers should focus on. The reason is that they address such a limited topic, with an unreliable solution that ends up with an outcome that might not be worth mentioning at all.

As we want our writers to grow beyond any publishing platform and start building their own massive following on “all platforms” — that is our goal that has never changed from day one.

I understand that you, as a writer, can succeed through your articles, which will then translate to business success and authority building on certain topics. But I am talking about your chance of success here, and a genuine ability to have control over things that directly lead to an article’s exposure and reach. 

If you think about it, there has been no such way since the start of the internet.

As someone who studies backend traffic stats, I would safely say there is no reliable way to achieve consistent readership growth if you just write and hit publish. Any virality of anything online is, and remains, a hit-and-miss chance event at best.

What you will find is that the 80/20 rule is fast becoming more like a 99/1 rule — especially in a world with persistent lockdowns, social isolations, and new types of fears, getting your word out there and building your own audience become your only way to thrive — whether it is for your business or for your side hustles. Simply explore the following:

  • How are you going to be known online for anything you do or want to do?
  • What if you can’t achieve that? and are also limited in either skills or resources when it comes to setting up paid ads, and have no time to gain an edge in terms of organic search traffic?

In short, before I introduce you to our new tool (see below), there is really no known way to systematically get humans to visit anything new, such as a new site, a new social account, or a new video.

You see how big this problem is — you can’t control traffic and where the attention goes.

People got used to it because no one thinks there is much that we can do.

People got used to working hard and leaving favorable future outcomes to chances.

You might think about creating better content, making good videos, but the question remains as to how you are going to make sure things get any activity once they are posted on some other platforms — that you don’t actually have any control over.

Put bluntly, in the old world, you just create, publish, and hope for the best!

DDImario is a platform for our writers to get some help from other users. The initial majority of these users is from our own community, but as we release more functions we expect the tool will be useful for all communities in the future.


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