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TikTok hack allows you to swipe hands-free on your For You Page


TikTok’s infinite storehouse of content can leave you swiping up on your For You Page for hours — but what if, for whatever reason, you can’t use your hands?

A TikTok user named Shannon, known as @diaperbagrag on the app, found the solution in the form of a simple iPhone hack for hands-free swiping. (Editor’s note: This is also doable for Android users. Go to the “Voice Access” section of your device’s Accessibility menu to set it up.)

First, go to Settings, then Accessibility. On the Accessibility page, tap Voice Control.

On Accessibility, choose Voice Control.
Credit: Screenshot: Apple

Turn Voice Control on if it’s not already, then tap Custom Commands.

Screenshot of Voice Control iPhone page with red circle around Custom Commands

Credit: Screenshot: Apple

Finally, create the actual command. Write in what you want to say to swipe up on your FYP; like Shannon in the video, I put in “Next.” The action will be Run Custom Gesture, and swipe up with your finger to recreate it. For application, you can just choose TikTok and that’ll be the only app this command works on.

Screenshot of custom TikTok command

Credit: Screenshot: Apple

This hack isn’t just simple, but it also works wonders. Now you don’t have to fiddle your phone with wet or dirty hands, or be subjected to the same TikTok over and over ever again.

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