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Vanguard’ Season 2 release date, trailers, and 2022 ‘Warzone’ updates


Season 1 for the Call of Duty: Vanguard era launched in December 2021, but Activision is already working on the next major update for Warzone. Activision revealed Season 2 back on January 19, while also revealing the new content would see a slight delay. Still, Season 2 will hopefully include new weapons and fixes to Warzone’s lengthy list of issues. But when will Season 2 launch and what can we expect from it?

The holiday update at the end of 2021 titled Festive Fervor was underwhelming and in some cases, downright bad, so there’s a lot riding on the upcoming Season 2. Will we get new Warzone in-game events? Maybe Vanguard will receive additional multiplayer maps and Zombies updates? Here’s what we know.

When is the Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 2 release date?

Season 2 was recently delayed to allow Raven and other supporting studios more time to fix Warzone.Activision

Activision officially revealed Season 2 on January 19, but the publisher announced it has been delayed by 12 days due to the ongoing issues with Warzone. You can expect to play Season 2 on February 14, though this date is also subject to change.

Though numerous updates have been released Activision says “more needs to be done” in this regard. The company will use the additional time to deliver “optimizations to gameplay, game balancing (including weapon and equipment balancing), to fix game stability and bugs, and to ensure an overall level of polish.”

Most major updates launch around 1 p.m. Eastern, so it’s highly likely that’s when we’ll get to play Season 2 when it launches on February 14.

Is there a Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 2 trailer?

A trailer for Season 2 hasn’t been published just yet, but we’ll likely get one closer to launch. Season 1 dropped on December 9, and the trailer for it came out the day prior on December 8. With that in mind, we should expect the trailer for Season 2 to be published around February 13, 2022.

It’s possible a teaser trailer will be released even sooner. We’ll update this post when more information for Season 2 becomes available.

What are the Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 2 updates?

There’s a lot to expect from Call of Duty in 2022. Activision

While we don’t know exactly what to expect from Warzone or Vanguard for Season 2, there are a handful of hopes we — and much of the community — have for future updates. Bug fixes and weapon balancing aside, we hope Season 2 will introduce some changes to the Warzone playlists available. As it stands, the only Vanguard Royale mode available is Quads, which is a major downside if you don’t have a team of four to play with. You can select Solos, Duos, Trios, and Quads but only for standard Battle Royale.

Previous seasons have always introduced new weapons and while that will likely continue during Season 2, Call of Duty is not in need of any new guns right now. The Vanguard integration added over 40 new weapons to Warzone in December 2021, so most of us are still getting used to the new offerings. Still, it’s likely Season 2 will introduce around four new firearms.

Aside from that, we’ll likely get new story details that tie the overarching narrative together — not just in Warzone but for Vanguard, as well.

In addition, a recent leak has given us an idea of what to expect from the new Operators. A leaker by the name of JulesLeaks on Twitter shared images of three new Operators, one of which looks like Awoken from Season 1, but with a ghillie suit.

Here’s hoping the Vanguard Zombies mode gets a massive overhaul because it was severely lacking at launch. Vanguard could also stand to receive some additional 6v6 multiplayer maps alongside Season 2.

Above all else, Warzone’s bugs and glitches need to be addressed, though hopefully, it doesn’t take until February 2022 for some of them to be fixed.

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