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What Is a Seedbox and How Do You Use One?


If you torrent files regularly, you’ve probably noticed that the technology isn’t perfect. To share files, you need to seed them, which uses bandwidth. Anyone accessing a torrent without a VPN is also broadcasting their IP address.

Seedboxes are designed to help you to avoid both of these problems. They make torrenting anonymous and save on bandwidth.

So what exactly is a seedbox, and should you use one?

What Is a Seedbox?

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A seedbox is a remote server designed for torrenting. They usually have nothing on them except torrenting software, and they offer excellent internet speeds. The idea is that you do all of your torrenting on a remote server instead of your computer.

This allows you to seed files without using bandwidth or even having your computer on. A seedbox also prevents anyone from seeing your IP address because your computer never uploads or downloads files directly.

How to Use a Seedbox

Seedbox providers are easy to find online. Exact instructions vary, but most seedboxes work similarly.

  • After you sign up to a seedbox provider, you will receive an email with a URL and your account credentials.
  • Many seedboxes can be accessed using a web browser. The first time you sign in, you will be given a choice of different torrent clients to install.
  • In order to start a torrent, select a torrent file on your computer and add it to the torrent client. The seedbox will continue to torrent the file even after closing the window.
  • Once the file is finished downloading, you can download it from the seedbox onto your computer. Files are downloaded using FTP software or directly from your browser.


What Are the Pros and Cons of Using a Seedbox?

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Seedboxes aren’t a necessity for torrenting. A VPN can provide privacy at a lower price. Here are the main pros and cons of seedboxes.

Seedbox Pros

Here’s why you might want to try a seedbox.

Seedboxes Hide Your IP Address

A seedbox hides your IP address. If somebody is trying to see who is accessing a particular torrent, they can only see the seedbox IP address, not yours. Your IP address is visible to your seedbox provider. But many providers offer no-log policies.

Seedboxes Offer Superior Speed

Seedboxes are designed to offer high speeds for both downloading and seeding. Many internet providers don’t offer very good upload speeds, and seedboxes don’t have this problem. This is particularly useful if you want to maintain a high upload ratio.

Seedboxes Allow You to Seed With Your Computer Off

A seedbox allows you to seed files without any work required from your computer. This is ideal if you want to seed files constantly but don’t want to keep your computer on all the time. It’s also useful if you don’t want seeding to use your bandwidth.

Seedboxes Allow You to Seed Without Storage Space

People often delete files that they would otherwise seed because they need the storage space on their computer. A seedbox allows you to delete files on your computer but continues to seed them.

Seedbox Cons

Here’s why seedboxes aren’t more popular.

You Still Have to Download the Files From the Seedbox

After you download a file onto a seedbox, you then have to download it again onto your computer to use it. This means that regardless of how fast a seedbox is, it doesn’t always offer faster download speeds overall. Some seedboxes allow you to stream media files, but this service is not always offered.

Some Seedboxes Don’t Support Public Trackers

Some seedboxes don’t allow the use of public torrent trackers. This is because public torrent trackers are often monitored for illegal activity. If a seedbox doesn’t support a tracker that you use now, it isn’t difficult to find a private replacement.

Seedboxes Usually Don’t Offer Unlimited Space

Most seedboxes do not offer unlimited storage space. If you don’t keep an offline copy of your files, you may lose access to them.

Seedboxes Are More Expensive Than VPNs

Seedboxes are usually more expensive than VPNs. However, a seedbox is arguably worth paying for if you torrent a lot and actually want the added features. But a VPN provides cheaper anonymity and is suitable for all types of web browsing.

Seedbox vs. VPN: Which One Is Right for You?

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A seedbox is often used instead of a VPN because they both allow you to hide your IP address. They are, however, very different products. A seedbox hosts torrenting software and all of the associated files. A VPN routes your traffic through an additional server, but all of the torrenting is still done on your computer.

Seedboxes are only used for torrenting, while a VPN can obscure data coming and going from your machine.

VPNs are potentially better for torrenting because they offer encryption. This is something not offered by all seedboxes, meaning that when you download from a seedbox, your ISP may know what you are downloading. A VPN also provides multiple servers, so you have a choice of different IP addresses, allowing a VPN to be used to avoid geographical restrictions.

Many torrent users prefer seedboxes because they provide an acceptable level of anonymity while also offering additional functionality. Seedboxes also allow you to torrent faster, while a VPN can actually make torrenting slower.

It’s worth noting that you can use a VPN and seedbox together. Many seedboxes are also sold with a VPN included.

Are Seedboxes Worth the Money?

Seedboxes are useful products for torrenting, but it’s easy to torrent without one. If you only want to be anonymous, a VPN is arguably a better solution. VPNs are cheaper, allow you to avoid geo-restrictions, and are useful for all internet traffic types.

Otherwise, it really depends on how often you torrent. Torrenting on your own device takes up hard drive space, bandwidth, and your device needs to be on to seed. A seedbox removes all of these issues, and if you’re serious about torrenting, the price may be worth paying.

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