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What Is Quordle? How to Play This Tricky Wordle Clone


Flappy Bird, 2048, and now Wordle. Whenever a basic game gets popular, a series of clones is sure to follow downstream.

We’ve had Wordle Unlimited, a clone that bypasses the one-per-day social aspect of the original. There’s Worldle, a geography-themed spin-off. And don’t forget to check out Star Wordle if you know your JABBA from your VADER.

Enter Quordle, a game featuring more than just one Wordle at once.

What Is Quordle?

Quordle is Wordle times four. Four Wordles, all at once. A Quartet of Wordles.

So how do you play four Wordles simultaneously? Well, you enter your guess word and see it appear in the first row of each Wordle game. Then you see the familiar colors telling you which letters are correct and which are in their correct position. If you can guess all four words before your nine guesses run out, you win.

Quordle spawned from another spin-off, Dordle, which challenges players with two Wordles at once.

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How Do You Play It?

  1. Go to You should see four blank Wordle games in a two-by-two grid. Each grid has nine rows and the standard five columns for a five-letter word.
  2. Type in your first guess word via a keyboard or the on-screen virtual keyboard.
  3. Press Enter. Each grid will highlight the letters showing how they relate to the word in that grid. A green means the letter is exactly correct. Yellow means the letter is in the word, just in a different position.
  4. You only have nine total guesses and your guess has to be the same in each of the four grids. When you get a word correct, that grid will simply stop updating
  5. Keep guessing and, using a process of elimination together with your knowledge of five-letter words, try to solve all four puzzles.


Is It Harder Than Wordle?

It’s a different challenge. You should have a greater hit rate for your guesses since there are four times as many possible occurrences. But with only nine guesses, it’s still very tricky. After five guesses, you need to identify a correct word with each of your remaining four turns.

Practice Makes Perfect

In case Quordle hasn’t done enough to feed your habit, it features a practice mode. The original Wordle is famous, in part, for its one-puzzle-a-day approach which is great for word-of-mouth marketing, but not so good for real addicts of the game.

Quordle still has a ‘word of the day’, but it also has practice mode: an endless cycle of random words allowing you to practice to your heart’s content.

Are There Any Easy Steps to Success?

First, try to get a good coverage of letters early on. You’re going to have a wider range of letters appearing than in a normal round of Wordle. I like to use maybe three goes at the beginning to cover 15 different letters. This can cover all the vowels, y, and the nine most common consonants: T, N, S, H, R, D, L, C, M.

You now have two more guesses before you have to guess every word in one go. It’s at this point you should hunt for any obvious words. It’s worth guessing now if there’s a strong candidate. The earlier you guess one word, the sooner you can narrow down the remaining ones. Your guess may reveal a lot of useful info elsewhere.

Never forget that a letter can appear more than once! Don’t rule out a letter too early, just because it’s already scored a yellow or green.

And, on the desktop version, try reducing your font size if you can’t view all four boards without scrolling.

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Four Times the Fun

An inevitable question arises: what next? Octordle? Oh wait, that already exists! All this goes to show we can’t get enough of a good thing. There are countless variations on a simple theme, and it looks like we’re keen to try most of them. Now, quit interrupting me while I think of a five-letter word containing Q, G, and three other letters…

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