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What’s New on VC+ in January?


Visual Capitalist is home to data-driven, visual storytelling that helps explain a complex world.

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New to VC+ in January 2022

VC+ is a premium subscription with exclusive access to data that matters, monthly deep dives and behind-the-scenes content for our curious community.

This month, in addition to our regularly scheduled programming, members will also be sent our 2022 Global Forecast series.

In a series of special features, along with an exclusive webinar, the 2022 Global Forecast provides an in-depth look at the key trends that experts predict for the year ahead.

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Need more details? Here is some of what we have in store for January:

“VC+ Webinar: Unpacking the 2022 Predictions”

SPECIAL EVENT: Connect with the VC+ Community to Discuss This Year’s Predictions

VC+ December

This special event offers VC+ members a chance to unpack the key findings from our 2022 Prediction Consensus and gain some additional insight on what’s to come for the year ahead.

Moderated by our Managing Editor, Nick Routley, it’s a chance for members to learn from one another, ask important questions, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Hosted on January 13, 2022 (Note: Date may be subject to change)

“2022 Predictions: A Deeper Analysis”

SPECIAL DISPATCH: A Closer Look at Our 2022 Prediction Consensus

VC+ Predictions

To curate our annual Prediction Consensus, our research team must deep-dive through thousands of pages of reports, forecasts, and hot takes. Because of this, we aren’t able to include every juicy prediction that we stumble across.

In this VC+ special dispatch, we share some of our favorite one-off predictions and dig into the trends in even more detail. As well, we’ll link to useful forward-looking resources for 2022.

Coming January 18, 2022 (Note: Date may be subject to change)

“Tips and Tricks Part 1: The Best Online Tools That Anyone Can Use”

SPECIAL DISPATCH: A Roundup of Our Favorite Tools and User-Friendly Platforms

Our team spends hours each day scouring the web, analyzing data, and digging into niche topics to uncover underlying trends. 

Because of this, we rely on a number of online tools that help make our jobs easier. And in this VC+ special dispatch, we pull together a list of our favorite resources, that we thought you might find handy too. 

Coming End of January 2022

The Trendline

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