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You Can Now Block All Political Content on LinkedIn: Here’s How


LinkedIn now allows you to block political content from your feed. Here’s how…

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LinkedIn is a great tool for networking with those in your professional circle, but sometimes people’s political opinions can get in the way.

Luckily, LinkedIn has introduced a feature to remove political posts from your feed and continue enjoying the network without the politics.

What Is LinkedIn’s Political Block Feature?

With a world of free speech being shared, LinkedIn has become a place for people to share their political opinions along with professional advice.

But for many people, politics and career shouldn’t mix, so LinkedIn has introduced a feature to enable you to block political posts from your feed.

Removing political posts allows you to enjoy what LinkedIn was made for: networking with other professionals. The feature to block political posts on LinkedIn is currently only available to some US users.

Here’s how you can prevent these posts from showing up on your feed…

How to Block Political Posts on LinkedIn

Follow these steps to find out if the feature is available to you and how you can switch it on:

  1. While signed in from the web browser or mobile app, click on Settings & Privacy under your profile picture.
  2. Under Account Preferences, click Site Preferences, and then Feed Preferences.
    Screenshot showing LinkedIn's site preferences menu
  3. If the feature is available to you, you’ll see the option in Feed Preferences with the question “Do you want to see political content in your feed?” and a Yes or No toggle.
    Screenshot showing LinkedIn block political posts toggle
  4. Switch the toggle to No to remove political content and posts from your feed.
    Screenshot showing LinkedIn's block political posts saved


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How Blocking Political Posts Affects your Feed

Once the feature is switched on, there should be a noticeable drop in these types of posts. Since this feature is being tested with US-based users, it works best on US political posts. However, it does seem to work on global political posts, too.

You may still see some political content on your feed after activating this feature. If you continue to see these posts, click the three gray dots next to the post and click “I don’t want to see this”.

Screenshot showing LinkedIn's I don't want to see this option

This brings up a popup window—choose “I don’t want to see political content” as your reason. Then select Submit.

Screenshot showing LinkedIn's no political posts option

You shouldn’t have to do this often, but it’s a helpful feature for LinkedIn to learn how to serve you.

Network Without Politics

With LinkedIn’s new feature switched on, you can freely enjoy content without the stress and opinions politics can bring.

Although the feature isn’t perfect, it instantly affects your feed and gives you a much better experience while networking with professionals.

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