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You Can Now Shut Google Assistant Up With Just One Word


You no longer need to say the “Hey Google” hotword when you want your Google Assistant to stop talking.

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Google Assistant has become increasingly smart and valuable over the years, especially on smart speakers and displays. However, an annoying issue with Assistant is when you ask something in a hurry, and it gives you a monologue about it. You’d then need to shout “Hey Google, stop” to get it to stop talking.

Thankfully, that’s changing now as you can get any Assistant-powered smart speaker or display to shut up by just saying “stop.”

Quickly Stop Google Assistant from Talking Too Much

In many cases, your Google Assistant smart speaker or display can accidentally activate itself and start providing you with unwanted information about the TV show or movie that you were discussing with your friends. Or worse, you are in a hurry to leave and ask the voice assistant about the weather, and it starts telling you the weather prediction for the entire week.

So far, you needed to shout “Hey Google, stop” or “cancel” to get the speaker to stop talking in such cases. However, the issue was that Assistant would fail to pick up on the “Hey Google” hotword in most cases. This new change from Google will make it quick and easy to get Assistant to stop talking without having to say the hotword first.

The feature will also be handy when you accidentally ask Google the wrong question or it misinterprets you, and you want it to stop quickly.

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro support “Quick Phrases” that allows users to ditch the “Hey Google” hotword for some everyday interactions, like the ability to accept or reject calls by saying “answer” or “decline,” “stop” to end a timer, and more. On other Assistant-powered devices and phones, it has been possible to mute alarms by just saying “stop.”


Google is now expanding this functionality to all Assistant commands on smart home devices, though it is not coming to Android phones and tablets for now.

One Small Change to Make Google Assistant Less Annoying

You don’t need to change any Google Assistant setting on your smart speaker or display to enable this new functionality. Google is rolling out this feature as a server-side change, so you don’t have to wait for an update either. While small, this change will make Google Assistant less annoying to use in daily life.

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