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Your Windows 11 PC Will Soon Run Windowed Games Better



A new optimization tool in the works will help improve performance when a game runs in windowed mode on Windows 11.

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Fans of windowed-mode gaming may notice some performance issues when playing on Windows 11, but Microsoft intends to fix that very soon. A Windows update spotted on the horizon will add new optimization tools that will make windowed games run a lot better.

Windows 11’s New Update for Windowed Gamers

As reported on How To Geek, a new Windows 11 update is coming to the Insider branch. You can read all the details on Microsoft’s announcement on Windows Insider, which lists interesting additions such as new touch gestures and a revamped Task Manager.

However, buried away at the footnotes of the update is this golden nugget:

This build introduces a feature called Optimizations for windowed games and is designed to significantly improve latency and unlock other exciting gaming features including Auto HDR and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). Latency improvements can benefit all gamers – from improving your input lag to creating a competitive edge in your gaming experience.

Microsoft then states you can turn this option on inside Windows 11’s settings, but you may not have to. The software giant does state that the option should be on by default once you apply the update.

Microsoft’s Bid to Make Windows 11 the Best for Gaming

For Microsoft to encourage gamers to make the jump to Windows 11, it needs to convince them that the new operating system is better for gaming than Windows 10. If it’s not, gamers won’t make the jump; full stop.

Microsoft started on the back foot for Windows 11. Gamers noticed performance issues and slow SSD speeds, the latter of which was fixed in the KB5008353 update. As such, gamers had cold feet making the jump.

However, Microsoft has tried its best to make Windows 11 the best operating system for gaming. There are plenty of new Windows 11 features aimed at gamers, and this new update may encourage more gamers to take the risk and upgrade to the new OS.


Will Windows 11 Become the New Norm for Gaming?

Microsoft has a big battle ahead of it if it wants to ween gamers off of Windows 10 and move to Windows 11. However, with the new OS’s features plus these optimization tweaks, it may not be long until Windows 11 becomes a no-brainer choice for playing games.

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